The forgotten transportations on the airport island

[This page was updated on 4-May-2013 with new information added.]

Today, I am taking you to the Airport.

However, I am not going to teach you how to go to Hong Kong International Airport. That information is plenty. If you are not locals, please find the way on the Internet. There are plenty of websites, both official and unofficial, that teach you how to go there, with the latest and most detailed information.

Today, I am going to show you a forgotten transportation on the airport island.


About one year after the reunification of Hong Kong to China, on the 6th of July, 1998, Hong Kong International Airport, located on Chek Lap Kok Island, commenced service. On the same day, after serving Hong Kong for more than 70 years, Kai Tak Airport came to an end.

After the airport has moved from the city center to Lantau Island, its area became much larger. Apart from the land area being larger, much more people maneuver on it. Although there are no more residents living on this small island, Chek Lap Kok, air travelers and ground staffs easily count up to ten thousands or more, causing this small island of theoretically "zero" population, actually with there are people "living" on it 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

To take care those "residents", transportation is inevitable. Apart from providing express service between the airport and the city, with the addition of "Asia-World Expo" station in year 2005, MTR Airport Express starts providing inter-airport-island shuttle service between the Passenger Terminal and Asia-World Expo since then. For other areas of the airport, such as cargo area & maintenance area, three of the franchised bus companies in Hong Kong, namely Citybus, Long Win Bus and New Lantau Bus, provide several internal and external routes within or to and from the airport. Certainly, taxis or chartered Light Goods Vehicles can fulfill some of the needs. At the same time, different units on the airport island provide their own transportation for their staffs and visitors. Some of their services even cover the locations inside the airport restricted areas and provide round the clock service.

I am not going to dig deep into these two categories of transportation here. For the former you can refer to the websites of the operators or to the website of Transport Department. Detailed information can be found. The latter normally only opens to their staffs or visitors. Outsiders are not welcomed. So there is no point to mention them here. (And I also don't have such information!) In here, I am going to introduce some public transport means serving on the airport island that anyone can take but are rarely mentioned by others. They are really "the forgotten transportation on the airport island".

The forgotten transportation on the airport island Part 1:Apron Bus

For Hong Kong residents, apron buses are not uncommon. It is because in the early Kai Tak era, there was apron bus service in Hong Kong. But just not too many people know the name of these strange looking buses.

Apron bus is the official name. Most of the locals call them "Double headed bus". It is because they are all double headed. This term is not exactly correct because not all apron buses on Earth are double headed. Apron bus means the bus going to the apron. So apron bus is to provide shuttle service for the passengers from the terminal building to the apron far away.

Apron bus in Kai Tak

In Kai Tak era, for most travelers arriving Hong Kong, apron bus is the first transport means to greet them. It is because at that time, area of the airport, which located in the city center, is very small but travelers are lots. Among the 32 boarding gates in Kai Tak, only 8 of them are fitted with jetway. Most of the planes landing Hong Kong, no matter they are long haul or short haul, can only parked at the far side apron. Apron bus therefore became the travelers' first and the last public transportation in Hong Kong. At that time, apron buses in Kai Tak reached a number of 34.

The operating mode of apron bus is large passenger demand but short travelling distance. And the road condition is excellent. In most cases, they only operate on flat land. Therefore even in the eighties, when those 34 apron buses were serving in Kai Tak Airport, all of them were in Low Floor design. The whole bus was fitted with five doorways, two on each side and one at one end, to enhance passenger flow. For the model of the buses, they are all produced by Neoplan of Germany. Model number is N922-2. As they only operate inside the restricted area of the airport, the body of the bus was not limited by the urban road conditions. Total length of N922-2 is 14.6m and the width is 3.4m, which is longer and wider than any public buses running on Hong Kong streets.

However, a wide body did not bring forth a spacious feeling to passengers. It is because the operating mode of apron buses is mainly focused on transporting passengers from the terminal to the far side apron in the shortest time frame, as well as transporting the just arrived passengers from the far side apron to the terminal building for immigration. So capacity is the main concern, while comfortable only comes second. Inside the wide body of apron bus serving at that time, only 11 seats were fitted inside. But the law allowed the bus to carry 155 standees. That means the total capacity is 166 passengers. This figure was already the capacity of a 12 meter double decker at that time. Such a large capacity means one apron bus is enough to handle all passengers from a narrow-bodied plane. And only three will be far enough for a wide-bodied plane! However, the crowded environment inside can be imagined when an apron bus was packed with passengers. And because of this, apron buses at that time were already fitted with air-conditioning. In Hong Kong's eighties, air-conditioned bus is only a luxury.

Apron bus at that time created a lot of record in Hong Kong Transportation:
  1.  First air-conditioned low-floor bus;
  2.  Largest single decker in terms of capacity;
  3.  Greatest number of doorways;
  4.  Longest bus;
  5.  Widest bus; &
  6.  Bus running on the shortest route.
And also, strictly speaking, Apron bus is most expensive bus. Although apron bus did not charge, for a public, one must at least buy an air ticket to ride on them.

Maybe because riding apron bus is not a common experience, or maybe because the ride is usually short and uncomfortable, and also apron buses only operate within restricted areas inside the airport, they did not bear any registration number, a.k.a. license plate, apron buses inside Kai Tak Airport were forgotten by the locals and bus enthusiasts.

[Update on 4-May-2013]

In Fall 2011, The Public Records Office (PRO) of the Government Records service (GRS) staged an exhibition entitled “Exhibition of Archival Holdings on the Kai Tak Airport” which seeks to record the development and appearance of the Airport during different period of times with selected archival records, maps and plans, photographs and videos. The exhibition was held in the PRO building situated in Kwun Tong, Kowloon. The exhibition aims to show the history and the development of Kai Tak Airport to the public, which mainly focuses on the runway and the terminal building. However, the exhibition did show some information of Apron Bus service in Kai Tak.

I visited the exhibition in early 2012. Photography and video taking is prohibited in PRO so I cannot bring out the exhibits here. But fortunately, I managed to find a video clip on YouTube showing the exhibits inside. And although the exhibition was ended, its website remains. Brief information of the exhibition was shown. PRO also reveals some of their precious photos there.

As a summary of all I learnt from the exhibition, this is what I would like to share with you:

1. Civil Aviation starts in Kai Tak form year 1936. However, terminal building was not built until 1946, shortly after the war. And it was only a temporary structure, merely a tent only.

2. A concrete terminal building was officially come into service in June, 1947, replacing the Tent City Terminal, which has been used for a year. Jetway is certainly out of the question. But according to a photo in Government Records taken in 1947, a single deck bus was seen running inside the apron area, probably serving as apron bus. The bus is a single decker and the model is not possible to be identified from the photo. But this tells us there is apron bus service shortly after the war.

Possibly first generation of Apron Bus spoted at Kai Tak Airport in 1947

Composed photo from video clip in late 60s showed
the appearance of this second generation Apron Bus

3. On 13-Nov-1962, the second generation terminal building was built. It was ever expanding until the final day of Kai Tak, including the introduction of jetways. The old terminal building was demolished in 1965. Apron buses converted from container truck, some sort like the “camellos” in Havana, was seen in Kai Tak.

4. Apron service complex was handed over to Civil Aviation Department in Jan-1975. Two waiting rooms were added to for apron buses. New “double-head” apron buses were first introduced in Hong Kong.

Double headed Apron Bus was first introduced to Hong Kong in 1975.
According to a bus enthusiast, they are non air-conditioned but low floor.
5. Number of apron bus docks increased to 8 in Mar-1994.

[Update ends here]

New apron buses came with the new airport

In July 1998, Hong Kong civil aviation service officially transferred to the new airport. However, those apron buses serving in Kai Tak was not transferred. They were all sold as second hand buses. The airport welcomed a batch of brand new apron buses. The model is again Neoplan N922-2 from Germany.

I cannot confirm the total number and specification of this batch of apron buses. I just know that the capacity was lowered. And from observation of the fleet number, apron buses serving the new airport should be at least 22 units. However, for air passengers, the chance of riding apron bus is lower than before. It is because the number of jetways was increased from 8 in Kai Tak to 49 in the new airport. And the total number of far side apron is only 27. Therefore, most flights, especially those long-hauls, are able to park at the jetways. Far side aprons are normally used by short-haul flights or airlines which charge a cheaper fare.

[Update on 4-May-2013]

Thanks to the internet. Getting information nowadays is much easier than ever. 

In Nov-2012, some bus enthusiasts spotted some mystery brand new buses in city bus specification parked in Tung Chung Bus Terminus. The bus model is YoungMan JNP6122GR1, a model currently used by New Lantao Bus (NLB). But the top of those buses were painted yellow and they did not carry any license plate. That discovery was later brought to, a local discussion forum for transport enthusiasts, and created a hot discussion there.

It was found that those buses were purchased by NLB for replacing their ageing fleet. A total of 12 buses were ordered but 4 of them will serve in HKIA as apron buses, on a rental basis. Someone worked in HKIA also revealed that the total number of Neoplan N922-2 Apron Buses is 22. But 4 of them are currently in beyond repair condition, making the total workable fleet size down to 18 only.

Actually, some coaches rented from tour operators were seen using as apron buses in HKIA since 2011. In Jul-2012, during a trip to Bali, I also got a chance to ride on a bus that usually used as staff bus to far side aprons.

  Staff buses were occasionally used as Apron buses in peak season.
This bus is in city bus configuration with low floor design.
Although not in double headed design, it is acceptable for apron bus operation.
However, some high floor coaches are also used as apron buses.

[Update ends here]

Service 1: Apron buses connecting the far side aprons

Since I am not a frequent air traveler, and for most of the time, my planes parked to the jetway, I have only a very limited experience on apron bus ride. Photos below were taken in different leisure and business trips during the previous years. Now they were put together. I hope they can give you a better understanding to the operating mode of airport apron buses.

Departure Hall of Airport Terminal 1 is located on the 7/F. After immigration, take the escalator to the storey below. You will arrive on the 6/F. Keep walking forward will bring you to the normal boarding gates with jetways, numbered gate 20 to 80. Because boarding gates 33 to 80 were located at the other end of the terminal, passengers heading to those gates are recommend to go to the lowest level first, i.e. 1/F, and change the Automatic People Mover there. This would be much faster and easier than walking directly to the gate along 6/F.

However, if your boarding gate is from 501 to 530, then you must go two stories downward to the 4/F. It is because you must take Apron Buses in order to reach your plane.

After arrived 4/F, you will see a sign showing "Gates 501 - 530".

 Walk to the end of the walkway, the sign ahead shows "Gates 501 to 520" are on the left and "Gates 521 to 530" are on the right.

 Let's go to the right side first. "Gates 511 to 530" are actually the far side aprons.

At the end of the walkway, there is a large waiting room. It is also the waiting room for the Apron Buses. When the plane is ready, airport will send out the Apron Buses to carry passengers to the far side aprons.

Although here is defined as the 4/F of the Passenger Terminal, it is in fact the ground floor. Since it was quite late on that day, only a few passengers were waiting inside the waiting room.

These two waiting rooms are for the far side aprons, any passengers can pay a visit. So next time when fly and time allows, you can come here to see the operation of apron buses if interested. But if you want to have a ride on the apron buses, you must have a Boarding Pass showing any of this boarding gate number on it.

During a travel in Year 2007, my plane stopped at the far side apron. I then had a chance of trying apron bus.

Because there were 3 planes boarding almost at the same time from these boarding gates, the waiting room was full of passengers.

Boarding gates for the far side aprons looks like those with jetways. The difference is, behind the counters, there parked the apron buses.

At that time, apron bus is ready. From the body of the apron bus, you can see that apron buses are operated by HAS.

Ground staffs were also ready. Passengers started to form a queue and showed their boarding pass, ready to board the apron bus.

The panel inside the apron bus, telling everyone that it is a product of Neoplan.

After all passengers have boarded the apron bus, it moved towards the far side apron immediately. The speed of apron bus is not high. Passengers enjoy a sight-seeing tour on the aprons.

In just 2 minutes, apron bus reached the far side apron. It stops next to the plane.

When the doors opened, passengers flooded out of the bus and climbed up to the plane immediately.

Also, without waiting for a second, the bus immediately moved away from the apron, going back to the Passenger Terminal. This time, the apron bus was driven by the other end, demonstrating the flexibility of its "doubled head" design.


From this photo, it can be seen that how inconvenient the far side aprons are. After alighting the apron bus, passengers must queue up outdoor and climb up the ladder car to board the plane. I was lucky on that day as the weather was fine. Having a little sunshine on the apron was quite a pleasure. But imagine if it was raining, then everything would become a mess. So comparing with the old airport, a great increase of the number of jetways in the new airport of Hong Kong actually means a big step forward in terms of civilization.

Service 2: Shuttle Service to North Satellite Concourse (NSC)

According to the performance pledge of Hong Kong International Airport, more than 90% of its passengers should embark and disembark by jetways. However, along with the economic growth of nearby areas, several cities used to be considered as second or third line, have established flight service to Hong Kong, causing more and more small size aircrafts using Hong Kong International Airport. Together with the natural passenger growth, the number of jetways became insufficient. Hong Kong Airport Authority decided to spend 1 billion Hong Kong dollar to build the North Satellite Concourse (NSC). NSC started operation by the end of 2009. It provides an additional 10 jetways especially for small size narrow body aircrafts. This makes the total number of jetways in Hong Kong International Airport increased from 49 to 59.

NSC is located north of the Passenger Terminal 1. It is a two storey building and is isolated from Passenger Terminal 1. Apart from providing 10 jetways for narrow body aircrafts, there are 10 retail shops and 2 restaurants in the waiting area. Other facilities, such as washrooms, are also available to fulfill the needs of air travelers.

So, how does NSC operate? NSC is not linked to the Terminal 1. After doing all the immigration procedures in Terminal 1, how can the passengers get to NSC for boarding? On the other hand, for arrival passengers after landing, how can they get back to the Passenger Terminal for immigration?

NSC isolated on the apron

To solve this problem, the Airport Authority figured out a very amusing method --- provide shuttle bus service between the two terminal buildings. And the buses they used for this purpose is not any ordinary buses but apron buses!

The operation of NSC is like this: All passengers departing from the NSC should do all the check-in and immigration in Terminal 1 or 2 as usual. After security check, they should proceed to a specific location on the 4/F of Passenger Terminal 1 and change shuttle bus to NSC.

At the same time, arrival passengers, after disembark at NSC, should immediately board the shuttle bus back to Passenger Terminal 1 for custom inspection and immigration.

For transit passengers, if the connecting flight departs from Terminal 1, passengers should take the shuttle bus back to Terminal 1. If the connecting flight departs from NSC, they can approach the transit lounge in NSC directly.

Boarding gates in NSC are defined as Gate 501 to Gate 510. Headway of shuttle buses for departure passengers is every 4 minutes. And because the number of shops and restaurants in NSC is not as much as that in Terminal 1, the airport allows passengers departing from NSC to take the shuttle bus back to Terminal 1 at anytime. But by doing this, missing the flight would be “at your own risk”.

For arrival, operation of apron shuttle bus is a little bit different from the departure side. As the design of Hong Kong International Airport separates the departure passengers and arrival passengers, shuttle bus carrying arrival passengers from NSC back to Passenger Terminal 1 operates independently. Different from the departure side, apron shuttle bus will only operate on demand and in single direction. Passengers arriving Terminal 1 should proceed to immigration immediately and cannot go back to NSC.

Because there is no inspection of boarding pass for the Apron Shuttle Bus, all departure passengers, if time allows, are free to take the Apron Bus to NSC for sightseeing. Before, taking Apron Bus is only on a hit-and-miss basis. It is because if your plane did not park at the far side apron, there is no chance to have a ride on the apron bus. But now, as long as there is enough time, any departure passengers can enjoy an Apron Bus tour. People can become more and more familiar to Apron buses.

I had two business trips in year 2011 and tried an “Apron Bus and NSC day tour” twice. From the tours, I see the courtesy of Airport Authority on the Apron Shuttle Bus arrangement that make me feel really amused. I am going to give a detailed introduction of the service here.
(Among the two business trips, one was in the morning and the other was in the evening. In order to show a continuous navigation of the tour, photos taken in both trips are put together.)

First, let me bring you back to the 4/F of Passenger Terminal 1. Follow the sign “Gates 501-530”.

Walk all the way to the end of the walkway. Turn left this time to follow the direction of the sign “Gates 501-520”.

Walk along the walkway, in front of you is the waiting room for gates 511 to 520. Gates 511 to 520 are boarding gates for far side aprons.

On the left is the Apron bus waiting platform to NSC.

This exit is only for Apron bus drivers and other ground staffs. The boarding platform for passengers is on the left hand side.

Here is the waiting platform. From here onwards, you must leave your luggage trolley behind. Luggage trolley is not allowed on board the apron bus. Although the apron bus is very frequent, the airport still put a bench of chair here. What a caring design!

There are displays installed on the platform, telling passengers the flight status of NSC.

As mentioned before, although this floor is defined as the 4/F of Passenger Terminal 1, it is in fact the ground floor. In order to prevent passengers mis-entered the airport restricted area, screen doors are installed on the apron bus platform. These screen doors will remain shut when the bus has not arrived.

 An apron bus just left for the NSC.

 In just a second, an apron bus numbered P01 arrived.

The apron bus stops completely inside the building. So even though it is raining heavily outside, it can still provide seamless connection.

When the apron bus arrived, ground staff on the platform will open the screen doors to let passengers to board the bus. From this photo you can see, the apron bus does not drive in casually. The driver actually carefully and accurately aligned both doors to the platform screen doors before stopping.

To control such a large apron bus and align both doors accurately to the platform screen doors is not an easy job. It is because the doors of apron bus in Hong Kong Airport are in plug-type design. If the apron bus parked too close, the doors would slam into the platform screen doors when open. But if parked too far away, the gap between the apron bus and the platform would be too wide.

When the platform screen doors open, another awesome design shows up. A stepper extended from the bottom of the platform!

It is necessary to explain a bit more here. Apron buses in Hong Kong Airport are in low floor design. But their design is different from that of normal low floor city buses. They do not have any wheelchair ramp. Therefore, although apron buses are in low floor design and have plenty of space inside the compartment, wheelchair users actually are not possible to board the apron bus without assistance.

But the design here solved the problem. This apron bus platform is raised a little bit above the ground level. The height of the platform is exactly the same as the height of the apron bus floor. Together with the stepper, the floor of the apron bus is linked up to the floor of the platform. Wheelchair users can board the apron bus easily.

Maybe the requirement to enter this platform is too high, the tail of this apron bus was scratched.

After the passengers has boarded, I also board the apron bus.

From this photo, here looks like a metro station more than a bus stop.

The stepper looks like this when seen from the platform.

The capacity of the apron bus is 19 seats and 90 standees. The whole bus can carry 109 passengers. Compare to the capacity of apron bus in Kai Tak era, the seating capacity of this bus was increased but the standing capacity was decreased a lot.

Apron bus used for the shuttle service provides parking area for wheelchair.

One minute later, the stepper extracted back below the platform. The bus doors closed immediately, followed by the platform screen doors. Apron bus started moving forward to NSC.

The window of the apron bus was opened but the air-conditioner was also on. Very strange!

The seats of the apron bus looks like this. No cushion and also no headrest.

There were not too many passengers on board. But the number of seats is even fewer. Some passengers decided to stand all the way.

About 3 minutes later, apron bus arrived the platform of NSC. Passengers rushed to the doors. But the ground staffs need to make sure the doors were correctly aligned first. After that, they wait until the stepper has risen from the platform, then they opened the screen doors. Finally, after receiving confirmation, the driver slowly opened the doors of the apron bus to let passenger to alight. The whole process took about half a minute.

After the doors opened, passengers rushed away from the bus. Apart from helping wheelchair users boarding and alighting, this stepper also helps passengers moving their luggage on board. The platform on this side is also raised above from the ground level.

After alighting, I arrived the apron shuttle bus platform on NSC.

There is another apron shuttle bus platform in NSC. From the photo you can see, on NSC side, apron bus is parked completely inside the building. Therefore no matter how bad the weather is, passengers will not get themselves or there luggage wet. It is definitely a all weather seamless connection!

Go straight after you arrived.

There is escalator on the left.

On the right is the elevator. So, after immigration, wheelchair users can travel from the 7/F of Passenger Terminal 1 to NSC for boarding without any assistance.

The 2/F of NSC is the waiting hall. In the middle of the waiting hall is a coffee shop.

There are shops selling souvenirs. Also there is a bookstore.

There are also chargers for notebook and cell phones.

Boarding gates at NSC does not look much different from that of Passenger Terminal 1. Behind the counters are the jetways. After the opening of NSC, the chance of passengers using the far side aprons is much smaller.

There is also an outdoor space in NSC. Here is not only the smoking area. From here, you can also see the up taking and landing of airplanes, as well the ground service vehicle moving around.

After the sightseeing, I took apron bus back to Passenger Terminal 1.

I was the only passenger on the return journey. Now I can take any photos of the apron bus interior. This is understandable. For real passengers, who will go back to Passenger Terminal 1 after they have arrived NSC?

The large wheel of apron bus

The driving cabin on the other side of the bus

The fifth door, the folding door located at one end of the bus.

The journey lasted about two minutes, the apron bus arrived Passenger Terminal 1. I rushed to my boarding gate for boarding in no time.

[Update on 4-May-2013]

According to a discussion on, NSC shuttle uses 7 apron buses in total. All apron buses used on the shuttle route are fitted with steppers underneath the side doors to allow it to dock with the platform screen doors. They can be easily identified by their silver livery while other apron buses are in white livery.

[Update ends here]

In a recent business trip, I had a chance to take photos on the operation of apron bus. An apron bus is moving to the NSC:



 On the other side, there is an apron bus coming from a far side apron.

From the photo below you can see, in between the Passenger Terminal 1 and NSC is the taxiway. Whenever a plane is using the taxiway, apron bus must give way.

Apron Bus Extra!: How can wheelchair passengers board the plane parked on far side apron?

How can wheelchair passengers board the plane parked on a far side apron? As mentioned before, although apron buses in Hong Kong Airport are in low floor design, there are no wheelchair ramps installed on the buses. Therefore, wheelchair users cannot board the apron bus without assistance. And more important, even though they can reach the far side apron, wheelchair users can never be able to climb up the long stairs leading to their plane!

In order to fulfill the necessity of wheelchair passengers, Airport Authority has acquired this specially designed lorry. After wheelchair passengers boarded this lorry, it will move to the far side apron. It will then raise the passenger together with his wheelchair to the door of the plane.

A friend of mine has taken this lorry with his relative once. He side the cabin of this lorry is air-conditioned.


Hong Kong International Airport provides apron bus service in 4 routes:
  1. 1. Single direction from Passenger Terminal 1 to Far Side Apron “Departure”
  2. 2. Single direction from Far Side Apron to Passenger Terminal 1 “Arrival”
  3. 3. Bi-directional shuttle service between Passenger Terminal 1 and NSC “Departure”
  4. 4. Single direction from NSC to Passenger Terminal 1 “Arrival”

The forgotten transportation on the airport island Part 2:”Taxi” service inside the Passenger Terminal

The ground area of Passenger Terminal 1 is around 570,000 sq. meter large. Sometimes, passengers need to travel a long way from the immigration to their boarding gates. Although there are lot of travellators installed inside the Passenger Terminal and the “Automatic People Mover” system also provides a fast shuttle service for the passengers, which ease their burden a lot, the way is still too far for some passengers who are in need. Besides, other than walking, some passengers would also like to have a more comfortable and faster way connecting between these two places.

Therefore, electric car of this type appears inside the Terminal building to provide porter service.

I believe a lot of people have seen this type of electric car in Hong Kong International Airport. But not too many people have ever taken this. Some people don’t even know that they are a public transport for anyone. So I am going to introduce them here briefly.

The official number of this porter service is called “The Shuttle”. The service is provided by WFS Worldwide Flight Services.

The service is charged per head or chartered.

Each electric car can carry 3 passengers. Fare is HK$60 for one passenger. If you do not want to share the car with someone else, you can choose to charter one. The charge for charter service is HK$180 per trip. The electric car will carry passengers between the immigration and the boarding gates of the passenger’s flight. It can be considered as the “Taxi” inside the Passenger Terminal!

Operation of electric cars is not only silent but also emits no gas. They are absolutely suitable to operate inside the air-conditioned environment of the Passenger Terminal.

There are a lot of chargers for electric cars inside the Passenger Terminal.

“The Shuttle” provides services on both the departure level and the arrival level. Passengers who want to take the service can make an appointment in advance through internet, phone or fax. Departure passengers can also find the service counter of “The Shuttle” outside boarding gate 25 and pay at the counter.

In normal circumstances, when a plane is parked at a jetway faraway from the immigration desks, some “The Shuttle” electric cars will wait at the jetway. Passengers with no appointment in advance can also feel free to take.

“The Shuttle” only serves inside the restricted area of the Terminal building. That means the furthest journey is between the furthermost boarding gates and the immigration desk. The longest journey only takes 8 minutes. That means it is $60 for a less than 8 minutes service. If calculated by distance, “The Shuttle” could probably be the most expensive road transportation in Hong Kong.


Every car is posted with this notice to remind passengers to ask for a receipt from the driver. Does that mean if not doing that, the driver will keep the fare as his own?

Okay, our trip to airport ends here. I hope this article can help you to learn more about these two types of “Forgotten Transportation”.


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